Virtual Sex: What is Virtual Sex All About?

So, what is virtual sex?

Virtual sex isn’t just a boxed in meaning like cybersex, skype sex or facetime sex. This type of sex covers anything virtual that involves sexual activity.

Online intimacy has been a thing for many couples around the world from a distance. But now, in 2020, we are experiencing an uptick on online activity and engaging in more sexual acts online. Many of us crave physical sexual interaction – and the closet way we can do that is by giving it a go online.

Types of Virtual Sex

Any sexual activity you conduct online is considered virtual sex. Let us deep dive into what could be considered as virtual sex:

  • Sexting: Texting or sending sexual messages to each other. Popular platforms to use include Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, text messaging etc.
  • Online Role Play: Love playing games? Online sexual role play in chat rooms, online worlds or role-playing is a popular way to feel intimacy
  • Webcam Sex: Skype sex or Facetime sex. Uplift the intimacy and have virtual sex on video. 
  • Phone Sex: Sex without the video, dirty talking over the phone.

How Can I Spice Up My Virtual Sex Experience?

Having fun is your number one priority when having virtual sex. There are a few ways you can help spruce up the sexual experience. Consider integrating sex toys and long-distance toys in your next virtual sex session. These sensual long distance sex toys that your partner can control is a creative way to reach orgasm from a distance.

There are many sex toys and vibrators on the market, here is a round-up of the most popular and proven effective for sensual orgasms.

Long Distance Sex Toys

If you are stuck on what to write to your partner while sexting, try out these sexting one-liners that are so hot, it’ll melt your phone. 

Think outside of the box, use online games to discover a fantasy you never thought possible. Online games such as second life and IMVU, are realistic games where you can have virtual sex.

If you are considering skype sex or facetime sex and have no idea how to start or feel comfortable in the act, these tips will guide you to have a pleasurable sexual experience with your partner.

Why Have Virtual Sex?

Virtual sex has many advantages, let’s break it down why people have virtual sex:

  • To be intimate with another person from a distance, especially couples that are in a long distance relationship and do not have physical interaction regularly
  • No risk of STI’s and/or sexual diseases and pregnancy
  • Perfect for those that are not overly comfortable or confident with physical foreplay or sexual acts
  • A way to spice up the relationship and trying new things that people would not otherwise do with physical sexual interactions

Why Not Have Virtual Sex?

For some people, virtual sex isn’t for them. Here are reasons why people may not want to engage in virtual sex:

  • It’s not for them: some people just don’t prefer virtual sex and that is okay. Everyone is different. Not everyone feels comfortable or comfortable to do virtual sex activities.
  • Too risky: in this day of age, cybersecurity is important to many people. Many people do not want to risk doing virtual sex in case their private information is leaked.
  • Trust: trust is the number one key many people need before doing any virtual sex activity, you don’t want the other half to leak or show your private conversations, videos, and material to anyone else.

Virtual Sex Q&A

Still curious about virtual sex? Check out this Youtube Video on how to have Virtual Sex.

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