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With lockdowns across the world, Virgin Media reported a whopping 36 percent increase in virtual dating and 6 in 10 believe that virtual date nights is the new norm! That being said, you might have a routine where you log into Skype, Zoom or any other video online service to chat with your significant other, friends and family on a more regular basis. You get a little excited every time you see their face pop up the instant they answer.

It’s awesome that with a click of a button we can be instantly connected. However sometimes, “just talking” on Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime or Zoom just isn’t enough.

Long distance can be a hard stretch, but you can also make it a fun experience by coming up with cute and creative virtual date ideas. It’s important to keep the spark alive, and with this, you need to come up with innovative ways to keep you and your loved ones entertained.

Virtual date nights are a great way to keep your romantic or non-romantic relationships fun and fresh, including virtual date games. This article will help you come up with ideas that’ll swoon your partner (you’re welcome)! 

Here are long distance date ideas – perfect for those looking for fun virtual, facetime date ideas or creative skype date ideas, whether you’re single or dating!

1. Set A Time And Date To Virtual Date

Just like a date in real life, you would make a date and time when you will meet up. Try and set the time and date when both of you are free with absolutely no distractions, and, of course, good WiFi connection! Get creative in the way you invite your date to a virtual date. 

Use Canva to create nifty invites and send them off via email or messenger with a personal touch. 

2. Virtual Happy Hour

It’s wine o’clock somewhere! Grab a glass of wine and chat for hours on end. A little bit of alcohol can help break your nerves and eliminate any awkwardness with your date.

Play bartender together and make your favourite cocktail together. Not sure what to make with the alcohol you have at home? Use the Make Me a Cocktail Bar website, add the ingredients you have at home and find out what cocktails you can make with the ingredients you already have.

A unique idea for a virtual date is to order the Shaker & Spoon subscription box together. Each month, you and your partner will be given a cocktail to craft and taste test together. The American Cocktail Club has all the flavourings, syrups, garnishes, and alcohol needed!

Not a fan of alcohol? Set up a coffee date or better yet make milkshakes together, let the inner child out! Coffee lovers, you need to try the Coffee-Esperanto subscription kit. Taste freshly roasted coffee from all around the world each month – what better way to try a new cuppa with your loved one?

Did you know that having a virtual drink is the most common way to have a virtual date?

3. Make a Meal Together

Plan out your date to make the same meal. This is an awesome way to interact and talk through how to cook the meal – especially if one of you are struggling!

It’s best to plan out the meal before starting the virtual date. Pick a simple or overly complicated recipe, whether its a delicious cake or mouth-watering curry you’ll both have a blast. Don’t forget to buy all the correct ingredients too!

Check out the Bake Eat Love subscription box for all your baking needs every month. This is a perfect idea for a virtual date to bake the exact same ingredients and instructions together.

Make the meal together step by step together. Have a cheeky wine and chat about your day or how much you are epically failing at making the meal you planned together! Once your meals are made, make a romantic set up and eat your yummy food together.

4. Have A Dinner Date

Similar to the last idea, but this time making the effort to make it very romantic. Play soft music in the background, light a candle and have a wine.

Having a dinner date will mimic having a date in real life. This is a perfect time to catch up on both of your days and look dreamy into each other’s eyes. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Virtual dinner dates always win hearts.

5. Do Arts and Crafts Together

If you are looking for a fun time, then make crafts together with your virtual date.

You can make the same thing together or make completely separate things. One of my favourite ways to connect with my other half is subscribing to the Adults & Crafts box. Once a month we both receive the same craft and set up a virtual date to create a masterpiece!  Once you’ve made them,  send them in the post for your date to receive, keep and cherish.

You both can take up embroidery, knitting, do DIY home decor projects together. Check out these simple crafts on Pinterest and easy DIY home decors on a budget.

6. Draw and Paint

Okay, so we aren’t all Picasso but it’s another great idea, no matter how bad you are at this, is to draw or paint each other.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist of any kind, all you need is a pencil and a sense of humor. You can spice it up and make it humorous by telling them to incorporate a funny element to the drawing/painting. Or you can do it a serious way. Whatever route you take your drawings and paintings will look fabulous!

Another idea is to try acrylic pouring! You and your date need to try acrylic paint pouring with this ready-made set of 32 paints. Order one for you and your date and compare your creations.

7. Get Intimate

Want to get down and dirty? Having Skype sex can be one of the greatest things you do during your long distance. It can help reconnect you in an intimate way and help enlighten the spark between you.

Spice it up and use long distance sex toys. Need convincing as to which sex toy is the best? Here are the top best long-distance vibrators.

8. Watch TV Shows and Movies Together

Personally, this is one of my favourite things to do with my significant other when we are together in real life just as much as it is nice to do it virtually.

Switch on Netflix, YouTube or other streaming services and put on your favourite TV series or film together. Have a virtual film date!

Go on the phone while you are watching it with your partner and talk throughout the show if you’d like, or use the Netflix Party chrome extension to binge-watch the next Netflix Original. Watching TV shows and movies together is a great way to forget that there is no distance between you. It’ll make you feel right at home.

9. Couples Questionnaire Night

Take part in “couples skype date questions” and participate in some deep and meaningful conversations. Having such questions enables both of you to open up to each other and know about your partner on a deeper level.

You can do these 50 simple but meaningful questions for couples that want to get closer faster, or check out these straight-to-the-point 20 questions.

10. Play Multiplayer Online Games

You’d be surprised at the number of virtual date games you can play with your partner and in the comfort of your own bed too!

If you both have consoles, consider playing a multiplayer game on your Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. You can also play games for free on your computer. My personal favourite is playing mini-games on Facebook Messenger.

Don’t look any further for fun online games that’ll break the awkwardness immediately!

Overcooked 2 is a really fun game that’ll test you and your partner communication skills. Time to cook up a storm!

It Takes Two takes you through a magical world. You and your partner have magically turned into dolls and need to work together in order to become human once again!

11. Take Cultural Virtual Tours Together

Step inside world-class museums together. Google Virtual Reality tours have just released a plethora of museums and heritage sites for you to explore together. Highlights of museums include the British Museum in London, Guggenheim Museum in New York, Van Gogh Museum, National Museum of Anthropology in Mexic City and more.

12. Take a Love Language Test Together

Take a quiz Love Language online together and found out what each of your love languages is. Is your love language words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time or physical touch? Learn each other’s love languages and create a stronger bond in your relationship.


These creative long distance ideas will help you feel closer to your significant other and enable you to have a fun time in the process.

It’s important to make you and your partner feel close in a long distance relationship, so make sure you make the effort. Switch it up and implement some, if not all of these Skype date ideas.

Got any more long distance date night ideas? Send me your ideas to, and I’ll be sure to add it!

13. Read a Book To Each other

There are two ideas for a date! 1) Read out loud a book to each other often or, 2) Read a book separately and chat about it on your next virtual date, like a mini book club. Every time you hop on a video call, a phone call or when you both feel like winding down read a book to each other. It is a calming and soothing experience to listen to your partner read a book to you. Don’t forget to take turns reading. Think of it like watching Netflix together but book edition. You can also read by yourself and talk about the book.

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