Virtual Date Ideas Long Distance

9 Fun Virtual Date Ideas | Long Distance Date Ideas

You might have a routine where you log into Skype or any other video online service to chat with your significant other. You get a little excited every time you see their face pop up the instant they answer.

It’s awesome that with a click of a button we can be instantly connected. However sometimes, “just talking” on Skype, Facebook Messenger or FaceTime just isn’t enough.

Long distance can be a hard stretch, but you can also make it a fun experience by going on virtual dates.

Virtual Date Ideas Long Distance

It’s important to keep the spark alive, and with this, you need to come up with innovative and creative ways to keep both of you entertained.

Virtual dates are a great way to keep your relationship fun and fresh. This article will help you come up with virtual date ideas that’ll swoon your partner (you’re welcome)! 

Here are the virtual dates for long distance – perfect for those looking for fun skype date ideas!

Set A Time And Date To Skype Date

Just like a date in real life, you would make a date and time when you will meet up. It is imperative that you and your partner organise a time and date for the date.

Tip: If you have never done a virtual date, make it a surprise for your partner but still make a time and date when you will Skype next. This will catch your partner by surprise and they will appreciate your romantic gesture.

Try and set the time and date when both of you are free with absolutely no distractions, and, of course, good WiFi connection!

Virtual Date Ideas

1. Make a meal together

Plan out your date to make the same meal. This is an awesome way to interact and talk through how to cook the meal – especially if one of you is struggling!

It’s best to plan out the meal before commencing the virtual date. Pick a simple or overly complicated recipe, whether its a delicious cake or mouth-watering curry you’ll both have a blast. Don’t forget to buy all the correct ingredients too!

Make the meal together step by step together. Have a cheeky wine and chat about your day or how much you are epically failing at making the meal you planned together! Once your meals are made, make a romantic set up and eat your yummy food together.

2. Have A Dinner Date

Similar to the last idea, but this time making the effort to make it very romantic. Play soft music in the background, light a candle and have a wine.

Tip: If you are in different time zones, you can have meals according to your time. It doesn’t have to be dinner. It can even be a smaller snack.

Having a dinner date will mimic having a date in real life. This is a perfect time to catch up on both of your days and look dreamy into each other’s eyes. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Virtual dinner dates always win hearts.

3. Get Crafty

If you are looking for a fun time then make crafts together with your significant other.

You can make the same thing together or make completely separate things. Once you’ve made them, you could send them in the post for your partner to receive, keep and cherish.

Check out these simple crafts on Pinterest.

Tip: Make something cute and small it doesn’t have to be overly big. This is great if you want to send it easily via post.

4. Draw and Paint

Another great idea, no matter how bad you are at this, is to draw or paint each other. This is truly a fun activity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an artist of any kind, all you need is a pencil and a sense of humor. You can spice it up and make it humorous by telling them you must incorporate a funny element to the drawing/painting. Or you can do it a serious way. Whatever route you take your drawings and paintings will look fabulous!

Check out this paint-by numbers set for only $10! No need to be a painting master artist, paint according to the numbers with your partner and creative a master piece.

5. Skype Sex

Want to get down and dirty? Having Skype sex can be one of the greatest things you do during your long distance. It can help reconnect you in an intimate way and help enlighten the spark between you.

Spice it up and use sex toys. Check out this article here for the best long distance vibrators that anyone can have fun with.

Better yet, also receive up to 50% off with Vibease sex toys! You’re welcome.

Now, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally okay. There is no pressure to do it.

6. Watch TV Shows and Movies Together

Personally, this is one of my favourite things to do with my significant other when we are together in real life just as much as it is nice to do it virtually.

Switch on Netflix, Youtube or other streaming services and put on your favourite TV series or movie together. Have a virtual movie date!

If you are low on coin, like me because of the extensive travel to my partner who lives on the other side of the world, both of you should sign up for the 30-day FREE Amazon Prime trial to watch thousands of movies and tv shows at the same time. Even better, during this period you can borrow Kindle books for absolutely free! And I love this mini-program even more because they gave me unlimited 2-day shipping. The shipping was perfect because I was able to ship my partner’s birthday present at almost lightning speed! It’s fair to say, having Amazon Prime is the best thing I’ve done in a while.

Go on the phone while you are watching it with your partner and talk throughout the show if you’d like. Watching TV shows and movies together is a great way to forget that there is any distance between you. It’ll make you feel right at home.

7. Couples Questionnaire Night

Take part in “couples skype date questions” and participate in some deep and meaningful conversations. Having such questions enables both of you to open up to each other and know about your partner on a deeper level.

You can simply do the classic 20 questions or check out these 50 simple but meaningful questions for couples that want to get closer faster.

8. Play Multiplayer Online Games

You’d be surprised at the number of virtual date games you can play with your partner and in the comfort of your own bed too!

If you both have consoles, consider playing a multiplayer game on your Xbox, PlayStation or Wii. You can also play games for free on your computer. The best console for long distance relationships is by far the NEW Nintendo Switch Lite!

These creative long distance ideas will help you feel closer to your significant other and enable you to have a fun time in the process.

It’s important to make you and your partner feel close in a long distance relationship, so make sure you make the effort. Switch it up and implement some, if not all of these Skype date ideas.

9. Use the Bond Touch to communicate

The Bond Touch is a perfect way to feel the physical presence of your partner – even when they are not with you. Use the Bond Touch while you are on a virtual date. It will add that physical touch you crave when you want to be with them the most.

Use it while you are playing a multiplayer game with your significant other, nudge them to get them off track and for you to sneakily win the game! Or be more sensual and use it during your dinner date in a loving way to know that you are always there for them. Check out my review on long distance relationship gadgets here, where I talk more about the bond touch.

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