The Best Sensual Vibrating Panties for erotic play

Whether you are looking for vibrating panties for long distance relationship, virtual sex fun or looking to spice up the way you and your partner have kinky fun, you can be assured each of these vibrating panties will uplift your sex game. This article may contain affiliate links that are at no cost to you.

Eva II by Dame Products

First up. Meet Eva II by Dame Products. Eva is uniquely designed for couples play or solo play. It’s an absolute game changer to give you clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Use the flexible wings to tuck under your labia for hands-free play – you will never worry about it falling out! Available in 2 luxe colours: Quarts and Fir, Eva II allows you to focus on intimacy and control rather than having to worry about supporting your weight for clitoral simulation.

Took a little practice to become familiar with how to best fit it to my body, but a great addition to the bedroom for couples ???? Super clever design that stays in place really well, even when moving around for hands free play. It’s about time someone designed something like this that is moulded to a real woman’s body and is practical for couple play not just solo! Hubby thought it was great too. Very happy with my little gift.

Review from Jake on Dame Products website

Wowza is all I can say! Hands free couple vibe at its best, but no disappointments on solo play either. I was skeptical about the wings actually working to keep it in place, but worked for my partner and I both. Perfect fit for inside a harness as well. Disappointed I can only give 5 stars!

Review from Natalya on Dame Products website
Learn more at Dame Products

Cliona by Kiiroo

Big things come in small packages, the small but powerful Cliona by Kiiroo allows you to feel your best with uninterrupted pleasure. The vibrator is good for those that prefer to hold the vibrator in the palm of your hand and control directly with buttons. The vibrator can be used for clitoral play and inside your body.

As with many vibrators these days you can control the Cliona from far away – the perfect vibrator for long distance couples too! With 2 hours of charge you can get 1 hour of playtime. Check out the video to learn more about Clinona play.

Ambi by Lovense

Dubbed as the most versatile bullet vibrator ever, Ambi by Lovense has surely created a powerful vibrator that is amazing for both solo and couples play. The amazing thing about Ambi is that you can either have pinpointed play or broad play – not many vibrators offer this kind of technology.

If you love bullet vibrators, then you NEED to try out this unique bullet vibrator. No longer do you need to experiment and find the right position to get off. Ambi by Lovense is curated to match the curves of your body.


As mentioned in our best remote control vibrators article, we couldn’t mention this beauty which is the world’s first app remote controlled pantie vibrator – Vibease! Suitable for long distance intimacy, you and your partner can experience fun, intimate moments across the world. With the app included with the vibrator, you can control vibrations from anywhere around the world….cool right?!

The Vibease is awesome if you’re looking for a quiet and discreet toy that you can take anyway without being caught. The 100% handsfree vibrator allows you to have orgasms anywhere, anytime. Check out a couple of review below:

“Vibease offers an Intimate app aimed at long-distance couples, allowing partners to engage in fun from half the world away. The vibrator can be controlled by either party to create realistic sensations mimicking a real-life encounter.”

Alice From the Daily Mail Aus

“Being in a long-distance relationship is tough. However, Vibease promises to take your virtual sexy time to the next level and can be remotely controlled by your partner via an app. The vibrator also syncs up with erotic fiction so you can enjoy the ultimate sexual experience.”

Kayla from RSVP Line

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