8 Creative Texting Tips for Long Distance Couples and Online Dating

8 Creative Texting Tips For Long Distance Couples and Online Dating

Want to keep the conversation alive and fun? We dive into the 8 creative texting tips for long distance couples and online dating.

Long-distance relationships can be tough – this is probably something nearly everyone would agree on. But still, there are so many people nowadays experiencing exactly that. (Including myself!) There are loads of different reasons, why people find themselves in long-distance relationships, either they meet someone online or start with a ‘normal’ relationship, and then one of them has to move due to job, family or other reasons. 

Whatever it is, there are not just bad things about long-distance relationships! The best things are definitely the constant anticipation and excitement, that lasts way longer than in a ‘normal’ relationship. 

Today we luckily have got plenty of expedients to stay in contact with our beloved ones, even if they’re 700 miles away in a different country. We don’t have to send and wait for letters anymore (thank God!), we now use Skype, Discord or Zoom to video chat and can stay in contact all day via WhatsApp chats, etc. 

To make sure, texting won’t get boring, I will now share 8 creative tips to enhance your communication!

Tell Them Good Night and Good Morning

Small words with huge impacts. You know the other one is thinking about you first when they get up in the morning and last before they go to bed at night. However, it can become a bit of a routine and start to feel dull when you just repeat yourselves every day. What about switching it up a bit? 

Send a good morning selfie out of bed! Or a funny GIF or emoji sticker you don’t usually use. A picture of your cup of coffee at the breakfast table would do as well. Get creative, make your partner smile when waking up to your text. They’ll definitely pay you back for it with a picture themselves.

Suprise Them With a Cute Message

I already kinda mentioned that in the paragraph above: people love surprises. Small things that let them know you care, are a great way to make someone’s day.
For example: Send them a compliment out of the blue – maybe you had to think about his wonderful green eyes, then just text him! Who wouldn’t be happy about a small coaxing text during a boring workday?

Or you could sit down at your desk and take your time to write an old school love letter. Imagine their face when they open the mailbox and find a handwritten letter in there! Surprises you didn’t expect are definitely the best. 

Not a texting tip, but when you’re serious about surprising your partner: visit them without telling! You could ask their friends or family to help you, if you need to be picked up from the train station or airport, I’m sure they’d be happy to help and your partner would be totally amazed. (Sounds like an awesome birthday present, too,  btw!)

Play Flirty Texting Games

As we can not spend time with our partners on the sofa in the evening, just being together, but we also can not talk about our everyday life again and again (cause some days just nothing special happens and that’s totally fine!), we have to get a little creative. 

Try to play creative texting games. It’s funny and brings you closer together as you’re spending quality time with each other. 

Snapchat Your Partner

We’re lucky to have all these different platforms to stay in contact with our partners. Why not use them all? Send a snap and try the funny filters to make them laugh. Then tag them in your Instagram story another day or post something on Facebook. 

You can even send voice messages or small videos and TELL them what you want to say, instead of just typing it. This way your communication stays varied and more personal.

Always text With Positive Vibes

It is important that you don’t let bad days affect your communication in a negative way. Of course, it’s okay to tell your partner that you’re not in the best mood today – ‘in good and in bad times’, eh? 

But once your partner has comforted you, you should try to find your positive vibes again. It can be very exhausting for them not to be able to make you feel better because you can be assured, they would LOVE to be there for you and give you a big hug to make it okay. They might even get sad themselves because they can not do that. 

Try to think happy thoughts, for example, think about the next time you’ll get to see and hug your partner again! It’s worth the waiting.

Tell Them Random Details About Your Day

Try to bring as much ‘everyday life feeling’ into your relationship as possible. Let your partner know random details about your day. For example, maybe you just have seen a very pretty flower while taking a walk or your pet did something super cute – share it! Your partner will appreciate those little details and will share them as well. It helps to make your relationship feel as close to a ‘normal one’ as possible.


The probably biggest thing we’re missing out on is physical closeness. So it’s not a surprise that we have to get creative about that as well when we find ourselves in a long-distance relationship.

Sexting is something that happens just naturally when you get close to someone during texting a lot, and feelings are developing and it’s fun, too! Still not as good as being with your partner physically, but definitely able to lighten the time apart – a short story about what you could be doing right now if you were together can release the butterflies in your partner’s stomach! 😉 But you can get creative here as well: Why not share a sexy selfie before getting into bed or after taking a shower?

(Be sure to trust your partner 100% if you send any pictures of yourself. You probably know that anyway, but it’s pretty important and better said once too often.)

Be sure to educate yourself on what virtual sex is before you try it out.

Plan Your Visits Together

What’s better than romanticizing about your next visit together? Make plans, tell them how you’re going to spend your days with them, and count the days down. You can add a countdown widget to your smartphone’s home screen to always know how long it will be until you’re going to be able to hug again!

What do you think? 

Did you already try some of those things, can recommend something, or do you have other tips or rituals you want to share? I’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment below! 🙂

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