Starting a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are more common than you think – about 14 to 15 million people are in long distance relationships according to Dr. Guldner.

You are not alone.

Being in a long distance relationship is no easy road but, it is well worth your while to be with the one you love.

We look into the minds of long distance couples around the world and how they have conquered starting a long distance relationship.


Is your relationship mostly texting or calling?

Understand and navigate each other’s timetable

Go on virtual dates

Understand and navigate the best method of communication between you and your partner.

For some people, it’s calling each other, for others it voice messages or texting.

My significant other and I set aside at least one time a week to video chat without disruption. We also go on virtual dates to keep our relationship fun and fresh.

Understanding and become in sync with each other’s routines is important. This is particularly true for couples who live in different timezones. 

Between myself and my significant other, we make sure that we don’t text or call each other during our sleeping time unless it’s important. Our beauty sleep is important!

Let’s not just talk about the methodology of communication. All long distance couples need open communication. Without honest and open communication, your relationship won’t last long.

Talk About The Future

Do you feel comfortable about your future?

Make Plans

Constantly talk about the future.

Whether that is talking about seeing each other in person for the first time or closing the gap, talking about your future helps you look something to look forward to.

Without any plans to see each other, it will be hard to maintain the intimacy and connection you and your partner need.

Even though your future may be uncertain, start thinking about how both of you fit into your vision of the future. Start talking early on in the relationship so feel more certain about making concrete plans in the future.

Make Effort To Understand Their Culture

How to deal with cultural differences

Take the Love language Test

Learn a new language!

Odds are you are on the other side of the country to your partner or the other side of the world.

If that is the case, making the effort to understand your partners culture and language will make you feel closer together.

Ask your partner about their culture, their customs, and fundamental beliefs, this will help you understand how to deal with cultural differences in relationships.

A good start would be to ask your partner these questions when entering a long distance relationship, it will help you scratch the surface. 

On your next virtual date, try the love language test together. Find out your partners love language, do they prefer love words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time or physical touch? Knowing each other’s love language will strengthen and improve your relationship.

If you are newly dating long distance and your partner speaks another language, learn some key phrases in their native language.

Learning a new language can be fun! It will also help with future conversations and fun activities to learn the language with your partner. Not only will your partner appreciate it, but they will also learn to comprehend that you are serious about the relationship. 

Be Proactive

Learn to take initiative

Try out fun activities

Ensure equal effort

Starting a long distance relationship can be tough. To get through the early days, being proactive is key.

Don’t always expect your partner to initiate conversation, suggest a fun activity, or start talking about the future.

Being proactive will drastically improve your chances of success in your relationship.

Make a conscious effort to suggest new fun things to try out with your partner – even if it is from a distance! Check out some of these activities you can try out with your partner:

Remember you don’t always have to be the proactive one in the relationship. Ensure that both of you are making an equal effort have a blossoming relationship.

Save Your Money

Establish open-ended communication about money

Save, save, and save!

So, you’re most likely in the early stages of long distance dating. Preparing for a long distance relationship will not be easier if you do not have enough money saved. Financial talk often does not occur so early on in ‘normal’ relationships, which may be a shock and surprise to you and your partner.

The emotional side of LDR’s can be overcome with proactiveness and effort from both of you.

Financially, it can be a different story. 

Long distance relationships burn a big fat hole in your bank account.

Unfortunately, some relationships do not work out because of the copious amounts of money needing the be spent, whether that is on flights, accommodation, activities, food etc.

It is important for you and your partner to save money for future visits to each other and to eventually close the gap. 

This will involve a lot of open-ended communication and trust from both of you when you enter the long distance relationship. A continuous open dialogue about who will pay what and ensuring that both of you agree financially will avoid those awkward and tense conversations down the track. 

Being financially stable during the relationship will help you overcome the obstacle of seeing each other.

Being in a long distance relationship will be difficult, but it can turn out to be the best decision in your life to be with the person you love. So, if you are thinking of starting a long distance relationship and your other half is committed doing the same – then it will be worth your while to take a chance.

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