How to Have Skype Sex or Facetime Sex

Skype Long Distance Relationship

How to have skype sex or facetime sex

If you’re in a long distance relationship, you would know too well what it’s like to not have physical affection and intimacy with your partner. Luckily, technology helps us bridge that gap with skype sex or facetime sex.

Once upon a time, it was all about posting dirty letters, then seductive phone calls, then sexting and sending photos. Now Facetime, Skype or otherwise known as video sex is widely popular among long distance couples to feel connected. You can achieve a sense of intimacy and love, even when you are thousands of kilometers apart. However, a lot of couples do miss out because they are too afraid, nervous, or feel as though they will mess it up.

So, What is Video Sex?

Skype sex which is the same concept as a sex video chat, is when each party uses a technological program such as skype, facetime, Omegle, Facebook messenger – think of anything that has a video feature.

The ‘sex’ concept is when each party commits intimate acts such as masturbation, talking dirty, using sex toys, or whatever may cause sexual arousal for each party.

Using sex toys can really help you spice up your next sex video chat. If you’re stuck for the best long distance sex toys make sure you read this post first to figure out the best long distance sex toys for you and your partner.

If you’re a gal or want to surprise your partner, the Lovense Lush 2 is the world’s most powerful, quiet and discrete vibrator. This is the perfect toy to control your partner from a distance.

Talk it out, set boundaries.

So, you’re voluntarily doing skype sex because you want to and that is great. However, it is important to set out expectations and boundaries between you and your partner before you actively participate in video sex.

Why would you need to set out expectations and boundaries you say? Mostly, so you can make sure everything that is between you and your partner stays private, knowing each other’s limits and making sure both of you have a good time.

I am sure you have heard of some crazy relationship stories, from catfishing to, crazy partners, distribution of private content  – honestly, the list can go on an on.

You may have strong feelings for this person or people who you have skype sex with and completely trust them. However, you must protect yourself and be aware of any risks associated.

Here are some boundaries and expectations you should bring up:

  • Is recording allowed? Make sure you make it clear whether or not from the start if you want your skype sex recorded.
  • What is the outcome you both want from the Skype session?
  • Ensuring that each party is comfortable.
  • Discussion of your skype sex with other people – do you want other people to know about this?

Ensure your WiFi connection is good

This is definitely one of the most annoying things about being in an LDR, someone’s internet connection goes off. This has happened to me multiple times (the joy of living in Australia and its bad internet).

Sometimes this is unavoidable but try and not stream Netflix or download stuff while you are skyping.

Set The Mood

Make sure your camera view is not obstructed by anything including your dirty laundry (totally guilty)!

Just like physical sex, you need to get in the mood to ensure a pleasant experience. You could set the mood by lighting a few candles, watch or read erotica, having a glass of your favorite wine.

To have an enjoyable and pleasant experience, relax and unwind beforehand. Relaxing will release any tension and will make you feel excited and in the mood to have skype sex. You could even play a sexy playlist in the background from Spotify to feel sensual.

Make yourself feel sexy

Long distance lingerie

Surprise your partner with these sexy, intricate lingerie sets from Love Honey. These lingerie sets from Love Honey are beautiful and won’t hurt your bank. 

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Wear your favorite red lipstick, a piece of clothing, or anything to spruce your appearance. These things that you add may seem small but it can really serve as a conversation starter to get in a sensual mood.

Feel Comfortable and Communicate

Communicate with your significant other and figure out what you both like and what you don’t. Communication is the same as having physical sex, so make sure you explore in a healthy and fun way together with no communication barriers.

Feeling comfortable can be getting as simple as receiving reassurance from your significant other, don’t be afraid to ask for it. It can be very nerve racking especially if it is your first time trying out video sexting ideas.

It is also important to feel comfortable with yourself, don’t ever feel pressured to do something that you do not want to do or not ready to do. If your partner does not mind this, then they are a keeper.

Sometimes, we need the space or time to recollect our thoughts and gain confidence within ourselves to do these things. So don’t feel obliged to go all out, take baby steps and soon enough, you will feel confident and comfortable in your own skin to express yourself sexually in front of your partner naturally.

How To Have Skype Sex

So how exactly does skype sex work? This is probably your burning question. This is how to have a video sex.

There is no set way to have skype sex as there is with physical sex. To take a holistic approach, sex is what you make of it, it is yours and your partner’s imagination of what you would like the sex to be like.

Still completely stuck on what to do? Try out some of these things listed below.

  • Dirty Talk

As mentioned before spruce yourself up, put a pair of nice heels or add an accessory that’ll serve as a conversation starter. From there, you can dirty talk to one another. This really helps set the mood.

  • Feel yourself

This is a guaranteed way to prick yours and your partner senses. Doing it together can help gain rhythm and cohesiveness in skype sex.

One of the easiest ways to get yourself and your partner off is to use sex toys. It’s a no brainer. You can use sex toys to your advantage by either controlling them yourself or letting your partner decide what you do. Check out these vibrators by Vibease for up to 50% off that are awesome for skype sexting long distance.

  • Put on a show

Show yourself off, strut your stuff in that cute and sexy outfit. Think of it as a private fashion show.

Skype sex, facetime sex, facebook messenger sex, whichever mode you use is a fun way to spice your relationship and to connect with your partner on an intimate level.

Try out these tips and tricks and integrate it into your next skype session for long distance sex.


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