100+ heartwarming open when letter ideas

Open When letters are a sweet, charming way to send a heartwarming message to your loved one. Sent it as a solo present or as part of your next care package to your long distance love. These letters are the perfect way to show your affection, especially when you are away from your significant other and the people you love. The science behind bad gifts indicates that it could actually hurt your relationship however with Open When Letters, will strengthen your long distance relationship! Personal connection is important.

What are open letters?

Open letters are messages that contain a cute, loving message based on the theme of the envelope/letter. Basically, each envelope/letter is an instruction to “open when…[insert reason here]. It is only to be opened when the person is feeling that certain emotion or experiencing something that resonates with the reason.

The point of open when letters are to give the person a bunch of these letters to open at a later date. For example open when “you are feeling blue”, “open when you are happy” are great ideas. You can personalize the letters my themes, feelings, inside jokes and more. The more you are creative with your letters, the more your loved one will appreciate the heartfelt writings.

Open when letter printables

Creating your own open when letter can be fun. That’s why I have created a couple of open when letter templates for you to make with ease! This will hopefully spark some ideas to even create your own. Check out the free template printables below.

Open when…

  1. You miss me
  2. You are upset
  3. You need a kiss
  4. You need a hug
  5. You are lonely
  6. You are excited
  7. You are surprised
  8. You want a picture of us
  9. We just got off the phone
  10. We are fighting
  11. You are sad
  12. It is our anniversary
  13. Wish I could celebrate with you
  14. You are horny
  15. You are vulnerable
  16. You feel empty
  17. You miss holding my hand
  18. It’s one day since I’ve been gone
  19. It’s one week since I’ve been gone
  20. It’s been one month since I’ve been gone
  21. It’s been a few months since I’ve been gone
  22. You graduate
  23. You get a new job
  24. You reach a milestone
  25. We have an argument
  26. It’s a week until we see each other
  27. It’s a month until we see each other
  28. It’s one day until when we see each other
  29. It’s our wedding anniversary
  30. It’s your birthday
  31. It’s New Years 
  32. It’s Christmas Day
  33. You feel naughty
  34. You want to tell me that you love me
  35. You have no idea what to write me
  36. When you want to text me
  37. When you call me but I don’t answer
  38. You want a massage
  39. You have a bad day
  40. You have a good day
  41. When you are bored
  42. You need inspiration
  43. You’re stressed
  44. You need a laugh
  45. You want to hear my voice
  46. You feel homesick
  47. You’ve said goodbye to me
  48. You need cheering up
  49. You need motivation
  50. You’re angry at me
  51. I’m angry at you
  52. You feel like giving up on us
  53. You can’t sleep
  54. You feel helpless
  55. You are sick
  56. You want to reminisce
  57. It’s Valentine’s Day
  58. You want a pep talk
  59. You are afraid
  60. You need to smile
  61. You first receive these letters
  62. You have a rough day at work
  63. It is my birthday
  64. You feel lost
  65. You feel miserable
  66. You need to rant
  67. You are thinking of me
  68. You wish I was beside you
  69. You wish I was having dinner with you
  70. You can’t take the distance any longer
  71. You have no particular reason
  72. You REALLY need me
  73. You need to make a decision
  74. You want to relive our favourite memory
  75. We see each other again
  76. We move in together
  77. You need some courage
  78. When you miss our spark
  79. You are happy
  80. You want to share your excitement with me
  81. You are worried
  82. You feel bad about yourself
  83. You don’t feel the love
  84. You are thinking about our future
  85. You are thinking about the future
  86. You’re embarrassed
  87. You want to tell me something important but hesitant
  88. I’m driving you crazy
  89. You need a reminder how much I love you
  90. You are feeling blue

Spice up your open when letters

With open when letters, you really want to take a step further and be creative as possible. Some ideas you can do are; putting cute eco-confetti by stamping interesting patterns with leaves lying around your house. Not only is this eco-friendly, but gives it a cool, earthy feel – symbolic of your natural relationship.

Take it a step further and make it amazingly thoughtful by including small gifts that have sentiment. You can include a mixtape of your favourite songs, attach a photos of you two together, spray your favourite perfume or cologne the letter. Use your imagination with this, but most of all make sure it really resonates with you and your partner.

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