How To Express Long Distance Condolences and Sympathy

Losing a loved one is never easy. It is also not easy to express long-distance sympathy from a distance. Especially during the pandemic, it can be really hard to be there for them.

As we have moved to a physically disconnected world we have also become a stronger virtually connected world. Use this as your upper hand to help provide relief from a distance. Let’s get into ways how you can help a grieving friend or family member from a long distance.

  • Send a Gift To Let Them Know You’re Thinking Of Them

A simple gesture like gifting flowers will brighten their day. Add in a little note to let them you know are thinking of them and that you are there for them. Send their favourite chocolate or candy. Even if it gives your friend or family member a smirk it truly makes a difference to them, no matter how small.

To help your friend or family member through the grieving process, self-care is a top priority. A nice idea is to set up a fun ‘date’ between you and your loved one to have a self-care pampering session. Simply set up a zoom, facetime, or skype call, pick out each of your favourite skincare masks and sit back, relax together. Check out Cratejoy’s subscription box TheraBox – the ultimate self-care box. Each box has a therapeutic activity plus 6 to 8 self-care goodies to uplift your wellness and reduce stress.

If you are still stuck ona simple gift check out this guide here for sympathy gifts.

TheraBox – Self Care Box
  • Send a Heartfelt Text Message and Call Them

Send your loved one condolences with a simple, heartfelt text message. Let them know you are there for them and send them a funny meme to help them be distracted for a moment.

Giving them a call is the best thing you could do from a distance. Most likely they are not in the mood to talk, however, the call you give to them will make your loved one feel appreciated and loved. Even at a distance, you can still be the light of their day!

  • Write a Long Letter

Send your loved one a long handwritten letter. In the letter talk about your favourite memories with each other. Help your loved one take a trip to memory lane and let them know you are here if they need anything. It is really a quite personable letter so I can’t tell you what to include. However, I encourage you to positive and radiant in your writing – only send out good vibes!

Another meaningful touch is to curate your own personalised open when letters for your loved one.

  • Get in Touch With Their Close Family and Friends

A good idea to see how your loved one is holding up from a distance is by contacting their close family and friends. Discuss with them what you could do to help your loved one. Perhaps you can help pitch in a joint gift or meaningful gesture together. It will also give you an indicator to see how your loved one is holding up during the grieving process.

  • Play Online Games Together

If your loved one loves games then this is the best idea to put forward! Get your favourite console out, facebook messenger or laptop and play online together. It is super easy. Here you will find the best co-op games to play with each other from a distance.

  • Keep Checking In And Let Them Know You Love Them

Sometimes people have the urge to talk through their emotions and grief, and others would rather not. It is important that everyone is different in the way they handle a loss. However, expressing your condolences from afar does not need to be difficult.

A quick check-in with your loved one every now will help their healing process. Especially during times during birthdays, anniversaries or holidays will ignite a period of grief. Let them know you are there for them via text or give them a call.

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