5 Amazing Long Distance Sex Toys For LDR Couples

5 Amazing Long Distance Sex Toys For LDR Couples

Imagine this: you are in the 1920’s writing a letter to your long distance lover. You send the letter and eagerly wait for a reply many months into the future. What do you do during that time while you wait for your partner to reply? If you think about it, the time you posted that letter and received a reply — a lot can happen during that time.

Fast forward a century later and the world has changed quite dramatically. Can you agree? It really puts it into perspective and respect for long distance lovers over a century ago!

With technology enabling connection around the world with your loved one, long distance sex toys and remote control vibrators are an amazing way to keep a long distance relationship hot. Bluetooth and wifi sex toys have revoluntionised the way we have long distance sex

For your ultimate convenience, we have rounded up 5 amazing long distance sex toys to boost your long distance intimacy – wherever you are. This post may have affiliate links that are at not cost to you.

Lovehoney We Vibe Vibrator

The perfect couples vibrator that is connected with the We-Connect App for pleasurable, mindblowing sex play. This innovative remote controlled vibrator allows you to squeeze soft for sensual, intimate vibrations and squeeze harder for intense, tight vibrations. It is the perfect way to tease your partner for more.

We Vibe is hands free and wearable, so it is perfect for long distance sex and powerful foreplay when you meet next. The size is mini and easily discreet from prying eyes. Plus, it is waterproof for you to enjoy in the shower or bath.

Check the reviews and the youtube video below, it is a must have and highly recommendable for long distance sex!

Nora and Max by Lovense

Featured as one of the best remote controlled vibrators, Nora and Max are hard to not just mention again! Nora and Max are remote-controlled long distance sex toys for him and her.

Men, you get to feel a warm, sensual hug as you slide the vibrator up and down for the optimal experience. Ladies, as the man uses the masturbator up and down the intensity of the vibrator depends on how fast he goes. It doesn’t just stop there — when ladies use the vibrator at a faster rate, the air pump starts pumping air to mimic vaginal contractions for amazing long distance sex.

Here is how you can use Nora and Max in three different ways: 

  • Your sex toy controls your partner’s toy
  • Your partner’s sex toy controls your toy
  • Both sex toys sync and interact with each other

We-Vibe Verge Ring

Okay guys, this one’s for you. The Verge Ring is a long distance, remote controlled playtime for him or use it for solo play it’s up to you! With over 10 different vibration patterns and intensities to choose from, you will feel satisfied like no other person. Your partner can use the WeVibe app from LoveHoney to control the ring from a distance — how cool?!

We’ve found that a lot of reviews mention this is a perfect gift for first time long distance toys lovers and great for long distance foreplay.

We Vibe Wand 

Finally! A cordless wand vibrator that is super quiet and is even remote controlled using the We Vibe app. With 10 vibration functions, find the best intensity for you and your partner to have wild orgasms. Check out the product video to find out more.

We Vibe Vector Prostate

Stop struggling to find your next prostate vibrator, Vector is a remote controlled P-spot pleaser!

Simply connect your We Vibe app and control your man anywhere in the world.

This toy is perfect for beginners looking for smooth or intense butt play. 

As a beginner in prostate play, I was a little apprehensive at first but saw this toy as less frightening for beginners. I’d read a lot about it and wow this hits the spot! Used solo and with my partner (who could feel me rumbling inside her), it’s led to some explosive orgasms.

Lovehoney Website Review

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