How To Practice Self Care When You’re In A Long Distance Relationship

With the rise of staying at home, many of us have had to suddenly get used to an entirely new lifestyle. For some, this has been a dream come true and for many, people feel out of touch with life especially when it comes to connecting with family and friends. But what if you’re in a long-distance relationship? It’s nothing new for us!

Being in a long distance relationship we sometimes forget that we need to indulge in our own self care. Sometimes this can be hard because you are probably always trying to give all your attention and focus to your loved one from afar.

Right now is the perfect time to start practising self-care and unplugging when you need to. Did you know that infusing self care in your everyday routine has proven less stress and a higher quality of life!? Infusing self-care in your daily routine is exactly what you need. Below we dive into self-care practices for when you are in a long-distance relationship.

Indulge with your favorite facial mask

After an intense day of working from home, indulge yourself with a facial mask. Treat yourself with a calming, hydrating mask to wake up the next day with a plump, glowing face. A favorite is the Superberry Hydrate, an overnight mask to hydrate and brighten your skin.

Take a long bath

Remember the last time you had a bath? You most likely felt lighter, calm and relaxed. If you live a busy, non-stop life taking the time for yourself to process your day, feelings and emotions is what will help calm an overwhelmed mind. Taking a bath will allow you to feel relaxed and at peace – even if it just for a short while. Integrate this habit at least once or twice a week.

Don’t have a bath? Take a long, warm shower instead. You won’t get the exact same results as taking a bath, but you can still make it luxurious by putting a mask on beforehand, using your favorite body wash and practicing the slowness of life by taking a moment to process your day.

Put on your favorite movie

One of the best ways to distract your mind after a long work from home day is to watch a movie! With on-demand services watching a wholesome, feel-good movie will help lift your mood and make you feel like you’re receiving a big hug. Two favorite self-care movies we suggest are: The Pursuit of Happyness and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Call a friend

It seems quite obvious to call a friend. However, when things start to get busy in our lives, we tend to forget the smallest things that strengthen and maintain our relationships. Next time you pick up your phone to endlessly scroll through Instagram, consider phoning a friend instead. You’ll quickly realize keeping in touch isn’t that hard and you’ll feel much better and happier after phoning a friend.

Talk to your roommates

If you live in a co-living environment, take advantage of being surrounded the people you live with. When you are working from home it can become lonely if you don’t have daily interaction with people. Talking to your roommate(s) will help fill that gap, and better yet you’ll have someone to do fun activities with!

Don’t have a roommate? That’s ok! Try out these fun online games for couples.

Plan a fun evening with your friends or loved one

In addition to having a chat with your roommates, family, friends or having a virtual date, having an activity-filled evening with your loved ones is so much fun! Make it a movie night, a classic board game night or cook up a feast together in the comfort of your home.

Cook your favorite meal

Love a heartwarming Indian curry or a delicious chocolate cake? Get your baking tools out and make your favorite meal. Cooking helps you deter from distractions and establish the focus between just you and food. You’ll love yourself when you’re finished because you can indulge in your delicious, tasty meal!

Buy a clothing piece you’ve been eyeing

It’s nice to treat yourself every once and a while so why don’t you buy that clothing piece you’ve been eyeing for a while. Just because it is a materialistic piece does not automatically make it a self-care practice. If you love it, then try it on, get it and flaunt it!

Take a walk around the neighborhood

Getting some fresh air is one of the best quick wins to make yourself feel better. No matter how down you feel, pick yourself up and go for a stroll around your neighborhood. I assure you that you will feel so much better when you come back home.

In 2021 the possibilities of feeling stuck in never-ending virtual interactions when it comes to restrictions and our personal responsibility is real. Don’t let this put a downer on your year. An actionable way to combat loneliness is to implement these actionable self care routines. It important now than ever to establish self-care practice in your daily life and being surrounded by like-minded people will help you achieve the clear headspace you need.

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