Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Long Distance Relationship Anniversary

fun ways to celebrate your long distance relationship anniversary

Long Distance Anniversary Ideas

Let’s be real, celebrating a long distance relationship anniversary can be super tricky. It can be so hard to get creative when you’re really missing your loved one for this special day. I know the most ideal situation would be to celebrate with your loved one in person, but if that’s just not achievable this year, then there’s a bunch of fun ways that I’m going to share with you to help keep your spirits up and let the creativity flow on this amazing day!

Virtual Dates

Virtual dates are a great way to keep your relationship fun and fresh.

Picture this, Skype is on, you have soft music playing in the background, happy hour is in full swing with a nice bottle of wine, you’re both preparing an amazing meal together, the lights are dimmed and you both have a fabulous table set with rose petals for your romantic evening together. Talk about ROMANCE, am I right? Love is in the air my friend and you’re on your way to an unimaginable date night evening. 

Not into all the romance and lovey-dovey stuff? That’s fine too! One of my all time favorite virtual long distance date nights is binge-watching your favorite Netflix show or picking a movie out together. Make some popcorn, grab some sweets, and maybe even a mixed drink. Stay up all night laughing at a romantic comedy or watching a scary movie with each other. With the world we live in today, you have so many ways to see each other virtually for your special day!

Send a care package

You guys.. You can fit TONS of goodies inside of the flat rate shipping boxes from USPS. I love putting little snacks inside of my care packages like jerky, granola/energy bars, different roasted nuts, chocolate chip cookies, and sometimes even banana bread. You can also put everyday things in there like shaving cream, face wash, or toothpaste. Get creative and really dig deep on what your partner would be excited about. Do they like to work out? Put some protein powder samples in there too!

Trust me on this one, Pinterest will be your best friend for decorating ideas. You can decorate your USPS box and personalize it, so your loved one will feel extra special for your anniversary. Make a quick pit stop to Micheal’s or Hobby Lobby and get all the arts and crafts you think they’ll absolutely love. I also love to leave little personalized notes throughout the package. You could say something like “Here’s some shaving cream, so you’ll be looking your best for our date tonight”.

Still, stuck on what to pack in your care package? Check out these care package gift ideas.

Write a Love letter

Long distance relationships leave you missing your partner SO much, especially on your anniversary. Use all of those feelings to dig in and write an amazing love letter to let them know how much you crave to be with them again.

When I’m writing a love letter to my partner I enjoy sharing my most favorite memory that I have with them, so we can reminisce together on that special moment. Writing your thoughts down when you’re missing them really shows how much love you have for them.

Open When Letters

Open letters are messages that contain a cute, loving message based on the theme of the envelope/letter. Each envelope will instruct you on when to open it, such as, “open when you’re feeling overwhelmed”. You can get really creative with these letters and personalize them by themes, feelings, inside jokes, and SO much more. 

Once they finally have the right moment to open their letter, they’ll be so excited to see what’s inside of it. They’ve waited for the right time to read it, so they’re probably really curious about what’s inside.

Hit them with a wow factor and put confetti in the envelope or put small personalized gifts inside like a mixtape of all of the songs you guys listen to together. Use your imagination and get really creative. Think about all the fun quirky things in your relationship and put it to life in your letters.

Feed Them

Everyone absolutely loves having their favorite meal. Your partner is spending all day missing you and you’d do anything to just make their day a little easier or to just make them smile.

Surprise them with some amazing food that you know they’ll love. Wouldn’t you be over the moon excited to have great food waiting for you to get home?

Send them a cute voice memo or video

Voice memos and video messages really bring things to life and never fail to impress.

Going back and forth talking to each other can be so much fun. Imagine how excited you’ll be to listen or watch a cute little clip that your partner made just for you. voice/video messages sure do have a way of making someone feel special.

You could even make this a little more fun by using filters or stickers. Keep your partner on their toes throughout the day and surprise them with a special voice memo because you want them to know you’re thinking of them. 

Game Night!

Who doesn’t love a good game night? It’s so much fun getting together and playing games for hours, so why should that change just because you’re away from each other now? Pull out the monopoly board, pick your pieces, and replicate each other’s boards as you go along. There are so many different games you can do this with and you can really go all out with snacks, drinks, music and so much more. 

Anniversaries are so special and it really makes you think about your loved one. I know I think about my partner constantly when we’re away from each other, but during your anniversary those emotions are just so much more amplified. All of these are amazing ways to show your loved one how much you care for them and it makes celebrating while away a bit more manageable. 

Plan ahead and get really creative. It makes a huge difference to your loved one when you show them that you know what their interests and likes are. Make them feel more loved than ever and have an amazing anniversary!

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