Unique Long Distance Friendship Gifts For your Best Friend

Long Distance Friendship Gifts

Unique Long Distance Friendship Gifts For Your Best Friend (2020)

Being apart from your bestie is never ideal. Just like any relationship, a long distance friendship needs to be nurtured and maintained. A nice way you can show appreciation for your long distance best friend is by showering them thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

Now, I can assure you these gifts are not going to be the run-of-the-mill boring friendship bracelets and necklaces. We have handpicked only the MOST unique friendship present ideas that your friends will truly appreciate! These gifts are perfect for international & national friend and best friend days, holidays like Christmas and New Years – and of course their birthday. Without further adieu… let’s talk about amazing gifts for your long distance friend.

Gifts For Your Comedic Friend: Bum Mug

First up! This is my favourite… and well because I designed this myself! This super quirky mug will have your friend gasping for air from laughing so hard when they first lay their eyes on it. Sorry to all the butt haters out there, this bum mug may not be for you but I mean look at it! Tell me that this is not a typical gift you would give to your friend, it is what makes the gift unique.

The Bum Mug shows bums in different shapes, sizes, and colour. We love all bums. You can grab this beauty from my Etsy shop here.

Gifts For Your Friend That Loves Travelling: Not Your Typical Map

I’m sure you have seen the typical city maps all around the internet but have you seen 3D wooden city maps? Perfect for your best friend that loves travelling, these 3D wooden maps are intricately handmade and fully customisable.

Click here to get a customisable 3D wooden map for your friend.

Have a special symbol where you first met your friend or have a special memory in your favourite city? Then you can mark any part of the city with a special symbol for free. Want to go large? You can also buy a 3D multilayered world map available in 4 different colours. With travel mostly off the cards for a while, building this easy to make 3D map will have your friend entering nostalgia and planning their next epic holiday using special markers included!

World Map Print Wooden World Map Push Pin World Map

We absolutely love this map. It is gorgeous. It is the perfect fit for our living room. I could not be happier.

Well, I might be happier if I was able to travel right now to put more pins on my beautiful map!

Review from Danielle

Gift for the Artistic Friend: Acrylic Pouring Art

As featured in our creative virtual dates for long distance relationship article this has clearly been a favourite past time for the creative and even non-creatives! You don’t need to be an art wizard to figure out acrylic pouring because it is all about embracing your inner abstract abilities. This acrylic pouring set from Arteza has 32 beautiful pre-mixed and ready to pour colours from metallic, neon and pastel to experiment with.

A nice way you can show appreciation for your long distance best friend giving them unique long distance friendship gifts.

Love at first pour!! ????

I was so nervous to pour these paints. I was scared that I didn’t shake them up enough because it was very thin/liquid but I just added a few more layers and it turned out pretty awesome. By the way, this was my first ever pour so I know where I’m buying my paints from now on. Now if my canvases can get here I can really have fun ????

Review from Jale

Gift for the introverted friend: Introverts Retreat Box

Hands up if you have introverted friends! This is an awesome treat for your friend who is a true introvert. There are a variety of boxes to choose from. Each box may contain best selling books, introvert-themed candles, snacks, beverages, bath salts and more. Gift your friend this box if they need a mini self care retreat from the world. Click here to get the Introvert Box.

Self Care Gifts for your friend: TheraBox

You can also check out the self-care box that is curated by therapists to help reduce stress and increase happiness in your friends everyday life. Your friend will appreciate this thoughtful gift and that you care about their self care & happiness. Check out Michelle’s review as to why the self care box is amazing.

I’ve been subscribed to this box for almost a year. When it arrives at my doorstep it brings a smile to my face. I love that it is put together by a therapist and what really sets it apart from the rest is there is usually a “therapy” type activity or book inside. Of course, I love the love me gifts too which include everything from candles, to scented lotion, to facemasks and body sprays. My favorite item so far has been the unicorn body butter and the rose spray mist toner. Most recently, my box included a package of cards with a daily fun activity on it, one that makes your soul smile and your feet dance. I highly recommend THERABOX!

Review from Michelle

This box was so thoughtful! Receiving it in the mail (very fast shipping and great packaging) was such a treat. The items are all high-quality and the candle, soap, and body scrub I received smell amazing. Thank you for the treat!

Review from Anna

Gift For The Friend That Loves Plants: Plant Lover Box

This subscription box is perfect for your friend who LOVES indoor plants or perhaps just a little plant crazy. You can give the subscription box as a gift. Your friend will get an abundance of cute plants, pots, and accessories.

Skin Care Gifts For Your Friend: GlowRecipe

Hailed as one of the most amazing skincare products on the market today, Glow Recipe uses all-natural, fruit-powered skincare designed to help bring out a beautiful inner glow. Glow Recipe has over 15+ kits and sets to choose from to give your friend luxurious skincare they will LOVE!

Get Creative With Love Pop Up Cards

Don’t just stop at gift-giving, don’t forget to send a beautiful card that your friend will actually KEEP and use as home decor. Check out Lover PopUp cards for unconventional and unique cards. I don’t need to write anymore why you need to give this keepsake just have a look at these pictures!

This was beyond beautiful design and it made the recipient so happy! These aren’t the ordinary cards that you keep for a bit then throw away! No, these, you truly keep forever.

Review from Jackie

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