Amazing gift ideas for boyfriend

150+ Best Care Package Ideas For Your Boyfriend

The thought of “what do I get him?”, is probably running through your head right now. I mean, why else are you on this page, right?

Gift giving can be challenging. For myself personally, I find getting a present for a male to be tough – including my partner.

Why not curate an awesome care package for your boyfriend?

Amazing care packages for your boyfriend

Take it a step further and add little, cute gifts and create a care package for your loved one. They’ll love it.


Want to surprise you boyfriend with heartwarming care packages for your boyfriend? Check out these super awesome ideas listed below.

How to make awesome love care packages:

You need to determine the budget of the package, size and amount of items you want to include in the package.

Bear in mind the shipping costs involved as this may get very pricey, especially if you are sending it overseas.

Be aware of different countries regulations and legal restrictions of sending items in the mail. For example in Australia, all food must be declared when entering the country so you may have a hard time sneaking in a few treats.

Here is a care package breakdown:

  • What is your budget? Make sure you stick to it!
  • What is the size of your package? It is important that all of your items shipped can fit.
  • Amount of items
  • Calculate shipping costs and have a budget buffer (as shipping costs can largely vary)
  • Be wary of country regulations and legal restrictions. What items can and can’t enter the country?
  • Buy padding or improvise to protect items

Buy decorative stuff to make it pretty (paint it, use stickers etc)

Thoughtful and meaningful care package ideas:

Curating a thoughtful and sentimental care package for your partner can really make their day. Do you have inside jokes that you share or memories that you can capture? Use these meaningful elements and create something that will hold a place in their heart.

    • Write a heartfelt letter
    • Print out photos
      • Make a collage, mini photo album, write a little message on the back of each one
    • Love Story Book – Create a personalized book and tell your partner all the reasons you love them
    • Create mini coupons – use decorative paper to write on these coupons
    • Fill in the blank love journal – a little book where you fill in the blanks of your lovely messages
    • The thoughtfull box collection – Offer a little happiness with this collection of three Thoughtful boxed sets: Smile, Be Happy, and Shine. Each individual boxed set includes 30 pop-open cards, each with a unique message of happiness inside.

Care Packages For a Long Distance Boyfriend

Are you in a long distance relationship with your partner? These gifts can make your distance a little more bearable. Better yet, let it be a surprise and don’t tell your partner that you’ve shipped the care package.

Use this category in combination with others to curate your perfect long distance gift package for your boyfriend.


Want to DIY it? Check out my latest post on 100+ Open When Letter Ideas for your partner + a FREE printable!

If you’re looking for some quirky gadgets then these long distance relationship gadgets are what you gotta check out.

Care Package Ideas for the Techy

Everyone loves technology. These nifty and practical gifts are great to add in your care package.

Care Package Ideas For Stressed Boyfriend

Is your boyfriend feeling under the weather or stressed out? This is the best time to make a care package to de-stress and bring relaxation back into your partner’s life.

Care Package Ideas for The Food Lovers

Need some inspiration for your foodie partner? Here are some staple items to include in the care package for your boyfriend.

Care Package Ideas for the Geeky

Does your partner love weird and wacky things? They would sure love these sorts of items listed below.

Care Package Ideas To feel Cozy

Is your partner a homebody or loves to snuggle? Give something that he would really want and curate a cozy care package for him with these warm items.

Care Package Ideas for the Sporty

Does your partner love to be outside or loves sports? These sports related gifts are great for his care package.

Other Care Package Ideas

Are you still stuck? Or want more inspiration?

Perhaps you can make a colored themed care package. Think of your partners favorite color and only get that color for the entirety of the package. Pick from green, yellow, pink, purple, blue or any other color!

If your boyfriend absolutely loves food you could also purchase a meat platter or a hand-selected food tray.

If he loves wines or alcohol, curate a care package centered around that.

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