5+ Amazing Remote Control Vibrators for Long Distance Sex (2019)



Are you in a long distance relationship or looking for something to spice up your relationship?


It can be hard to keep connected with your partner, especially if you are in a long distance relationship. You will probably be thinking in what ways can you can keep the spark alive from miles away.


Thanks to technology and interconnectedness no matter where you are, we have the ability to keep ourselves and our partners satisfied when it comes to foreplay and sex.


So, if you and your partner are what feels like a million miles apart then listen up!


Luckily for you, there is an emerging market niche for remote control vibrators aimed at long distance couples.


Take your long distance sex to the next level and incorporate remote control vibrators and remote control sex toys.


For your convenience, I have gathered and reviewed the best long distance vibrators with different shapes, sizes and features. It is great that with such variety you are able to know what will best fit you and your partner to have the best sex.


The best thing about these remote-controlled vibrators is that all you need is the device, a phone and a good connection (whether that would be 3G/4G, Bluetooth or WiFi). You can surprise your partner whenever you feel like it.


So, if you are wondering how you can keep the spark alive in a long distance relationship, then check out these app controlled vibrators!



You should not buy sex toys or remote controlled vibrators from eBay or Amazon. Most of the sellers are untrustworthy and cheap, meaning you may not be getting the best quality. It is important to make sure you thoroughly review and make sure you buy from trustworthy sellers such as the ones listed below.

Long Distance Vibrators

1. Esthesia by Vibease

Try out the esthesia by vibease great for LDR

Stimulate all sensitive zones with Esthesia by Vibease. Esthesia will give you the deepest desires that you have always wanted and experience the stimulation like you never had before.


Esthesia is available two ecstatic colours: hot pink and purple.


This G-Spot and Clitoral stimulator give you double the pleasure with a curated, curvy silicone design. The artistic curves of this device make sure you receive optimal orgasmic pleasure. Esthesia is rabbit-shaped and is curved in just the right places to give you the perfect pressure on your clit and G-spot.


If you fancy pleasuring yourself in the bathtub or shower, this vibrator is perfect for you as the toy is waterproof. It’s silicone outer shell mimics the sensation of human skin which allows you to feel softer sensations in comparison to other rabbit dildos.


The sex toy is discreet and quiet, yet very powerful and strong when used.


Once you get the Esthesia, download the FREE Vibease app and connect the Esthesia for instant smart features. All you need is a connection and the app.


I love this remote controlled vibrator and these are the reasons why:


  • You have the ability to create your own vibration designs via the Vibease app. Set the vibrations yourself or let your partner take the reign and design the experience for you. This option allows you to have a lot of creativity.
  • The Vibease app allows you in real time touch the screen to control vibrations and build intensity. This smart feature is awesome and especially helpful when it comes to Skype sex.
  • The app has a library of erotic audio. Unleash your fantasy play and listen to audio that vibrates in perfect sync with the audio fantasy.


This remote control vibrator does not only keep you connected to your loved one, but it also gives you an option to go on a fantasy journey. Vibease endorses the fact that Esthesia is not about the end result, it is about the journey.


This toy is pleasurable for solo play or couples play (emphasis on the long distance).


Double pleasure for G-Spot and Clit


Create your own vibrations and rhythm


Supports most devices


Download materials take time

Takes a while to navigate customization

2. Him & Her – Nora and Max by Lovense

A toy for you and your partner. This is the perfect long distance relationship toy.


Nora Vibrator for LDR

Nora is her sex toy. Similar to the Esthesia, it is rabbit shaped with nice curves and perfect placement to give you pleasure in the G-Spot and clit. Splashproof, USB rechargeable and body safe materials – what else could you ask for in a quality vibrator?


Read below and you’ll want more.


This is the OG of Bluetooth rabbit vibrators. This innovative piece has a rotating head – easily stimulate your G-spot! It has optimized shafts that are designed to stimulate while you thrust. It also has a flexible vibrating arm, nothing is good without a bit of flexibility! You can adjust the vibrating arm to help you reach the orgasm of your craziest imaginations.



Max For LDR

Max is his sex toy. Max is aimed to revolutionise male masturbation. The piece may look chunky, but inside is an art piece. Similar to Nora, it is Splashproof, USB rechargeable, body safe and wireless.


This is just not your regular flashlight sex toy, Lovense takes to a whole new orgasmic level. Inside is realistic skim-like masturbation sleeve, it is also built in with a vibrator and air pump that mimics vaginal contractions.


Your man will have the ability to control the air pump and vibration settings for his own fantasy leisure.


So, what makes these two sex devices so special for long distance couples?


Glad you asked.


These long distance sex toys are connected. This is done by downloading the app. There are three ways to have long distance sex with these devices connected:


  1. You can use your sex toy to control your partner’s sex toy
  2. Your partner uses their sex toy to control yours
  3. At the same time, both of your toys can be in sync and interact with each other.


How do these toys interact so smoothly with each other?


Essentially, when men slide the masturbator, the head of the rabbit dildo will begin rotating. Whereas when the vibrator is moved the air pump in the Max sex toy will mimic the vaginal contractions.


The faster you move your sex toy, the intensity of speed and vibrations will occur to the other partner’s toy.



Customizable, pleasurable sensations

Easy to connect and set up

Use music to set vibrations


The chatting app can be glitchy at times

The Max can be tight for some males


3. Lovense Lush 2

This product is a little different from the other two mentioned. It’s small, discreet and cute. Lovense Lush 2 is perfect for couples that love foreplay or solo play and it is all controlled via the Lovense app.


Its features include body-safe materials, waterproof properties, wireless, USB rechargeable battery and has long battery life.


Lovense claims that it is the most powerful remote control vibrator… and boy, they aren’t wrong!


The toy is C-shaped with a bigger end that you insert inside your vagina and has an “antenna” on the end. The antenna sits on your clit and it is where it receives connectivity from your device.


This pink friend allows you to control the intensity of the vibrations and you can create your own pattern.


The great thing about this toy is that you can use it inside or outside the bedroom. Use it during sex, wear it when you go in public or use it on your own.


Imagine if your partner has full control via internet connectivity on the other side of the world, while you are sitting in a restaurant. Could you maintain a straight face while the vibrator is giving you pleasure?


Wait… aren’t wearable vibrators known to sound?


Not the Lovense Lush 2.


Lovense has made sure that this toy will be the most powerful, yet silent remote control vibrator you will ever use.




Small and discreet

Full control of vibrations on the app

Ability to turn off manually


The signal sometimes glitches

Not as quiet



4. Vibease Vibrator

Vibease Vibrator

This one is for the ladies that prefer clitoral stimulation.


This wireless remote control beauty fits nicely inside your underwear discreetly. It is wearable and easy to position, so you’ll never feel uncomfortable when wearing the pleasurable device. Its oval shape, slight curve and pointed tip towards the clit are designed to give you optimal pleasure and what makes the nifty vibrator awesome.


Similar to the Esthesia by Vibease, you have the ability to use your favourite music and feel the beat with the custom vibrations. Speaking of custom vibrations, you can also create your own orgasmic rhythm.


Stay intimate everywhere.


Either short distance or long distance, use the touchpad in the app to send climatic vibrations to your partner.


Take it outside of the bedroom and pleasure yourself. Your partner would be able to control your every move while you are out and about. Imagine minding your own business and sitting in a cafe in public while wearing the vibrator… you’ll never know when your partner will surprise you.


Let your partner have dominance over you, set up a fun involving the vibrator. Let your imagination run wild. You can also send ‘touch requests’ and use other fun interactive mediums such as video and texting.


You do not need to worry about wearing the vibrator and using it in public. The sex toy is super quiet and discreet from anyone else that may hear it.


Small and discreet

Use music to make vibrations

Connect with your partner and let them control

Very Quiet


The vibrators sit in your undergarment and may feel loose

The app loses connection sometimes



Special Mention

5. Smart Lipstick Vibrator

This toy deserves an honourable mention. It is new to the market, so there are no concrete reviews yet.


If you are looking for something discreet, fun-looking and deceiving, grab yourself a smart lipstick vibrator.


The Smart Vibrator is a small toy but is almighty powerful. Filled with artificial intelligence technologies, your voice can control the lipstick – how cool! Tell your virtual partner what you want, and it will adjust the vibrations for you.


Not only can you have solo fun, but your partner can also control the intensity and vibrations of the sex toy.


Simply download the Vibease app and you and your partner will be able to control the Smart Vibrator lipstick from afar. All you need is a connection.

6. OhMiBod Fuse

Enhance you orgasms. This interactive rabbit remote control toy can take your orgasms to the next level.


Connect the device using the OhMiBod app. From there engage in solo play or let your partner dominate and fully control the vibrations and intensity from afar. For the long distance component to work, all you need is a good connection (3G or WiFi) and the app.


General specifications include: Bluetooth connectivity, USB rechargeable, waterproof and has a soft silicone shell that mimic skin.


Its shape is designed to give you the ultimate double pleasure on the G-spot and the clit.


How does the OhMiBod Fuse differentiate to all the others?


Fuse has developed touch sensitive technology that responds to the touch of your body. When you first slide in the vibe, you will feel soft tingly sensations that tease your senses. The deeper you take the vibe, the more intense the sensations become.


This is the perfect sex toy if you love to build up and engage in teasing foreplay.


You can also connect the OhMiBod with other toys, this allows you and you partner to have mutual masturbation. You can finally share pleasure from a distance and be able to control your partner’s device at a simple touch or tap.


The OhMiBod also has an interactive LED flashlight that illuminates to provide you with visual feedback.


Touch-sensitive technology



Battery life could be better

Bit noisier than others




These are my final thoughts of vibrators that are remotely controlled.


The sex remote controlled toys featured on this list will cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferability.


Do you prefer clitoral or G-spot stimulation? Or do you love both?


Each long distance toy has unique features and differences that make your partner and you happy.


Long distance sex doesn’t have to be non-existent. You and your partner can still have loads of fun and still continue to be intimate despite the distance.


So, what are you waiting for?!


Link your partner to this article and show him/her that most popular long distance sex toys.


Spice up your relationship and try a remote controlled vibrator today.

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