Long Distance Relationship Advice
Long distance relationships can be very hard. It's important to seek out advice and perspective about LDRs and how to handle your situation.
Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas
Stuck on that perfect gift for your long distance lover? Check out all of these creative, fun and amazing gift ideas.
Long Distance Relationship Activities
LDRs can make you feel disconnected at times. Luckily, there are many activities to keep you both engaged from games, books, movies and much more. 
Long Distance Relationship Inspiration
Check out quotes, memes and inspiration of being in a long distance relationship.
Long Distance Relationship Resources
Look up resources including books, music, guides and more.

About Long Distance Things

Hey there, my name is Sam, the founder of Long Distance Things. With myself being in a long distance relationship, I want to share my knowledge, advice, and stories about being in a long distance relationship. This website is designed to provide to give you all the tools and perspective you need when in a long distance relationship.